About the Artist

Catherine Roe is a self developed designer based just outside of London. She has had a huge passion for art her entire life and decided to persue a career in web design following a course she studied at the University of Hertfordshire.


TailorMade:ART is Catherine's online portfolio sharing artwork, writing and other design work in fields that she would ultimately like to become involved in professionally. Having built a portfolio of design work for children's books, magazines and websites Catherine decided that now was a good time to build TailorMade:ART and push forward with her goals to become an established designer.

From the Artist

Art is my life, to say the least, whether it’s writing, painting, sketching, music, photography; art is my passion. Anyone who knows me knows me for my imagination. I tend to disappear in my own little world where I can delve into my imagination and let loose with my thoughts.

I completed my degree at the University of Hertfordshire where I studied English Literature, Creative Writing and New Media Publishing just over two years ago - two years! Wow! I got to play around a lot with software including Photoshop and InDesign, which has been great for my photography and built a massive interest in design for the web. I completed a web design course in my third year where I learnt how to develop and design websites using Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop. A combination of these classes and playing around with tumblr themes taught me how to code HTML and CSS confidently and I can now establish fully functioning websites quickly and easily. I have so much to learn, and it excites me to think of all the different techniques and technologies I can experience, allowing me to improve my design skills.

I've been working for a charity called The Abbeyfield Society, and although it's not stricly a design role, I have been lucky enough to push my design skills to produce documents and marketing materials for print and web. Outside work, I have been producing small websites and working on further marketing materials such as retail newsletters and POS documentation to further my experience as a designer. Working closely with local printers and strengthening my design skills, I'm ready to push ahead and become a full time designer.

One of the things I would love to do more than anything else is to publish my own Children's Picturebook - both written and illustrated by myself. I just love the artwork and creativity of children's books and am desperate to delve into the literary world. I am heavily inspired by illustrators Charley Harper, Dave McKean and Grahame Baker-Smith as well as the written works of Beatrix Potter and Neil Gaiman. You can find some of my illustrations both for my stories and for other stories under the ARTWORK link above.

A Little more about Me

My Favourite Things

Band: Linkin Park (I even got to meet them recently!!)
Movie: The Labyrinth
Food: Spaghetti Bolognese
Drink: Tea
Artist: Charley Harper and Dave McKean
Author: Ernest Hemingway and T. S. Eliot
Animal: All of them. :) But I think I have a particular fondness of Cats.