Web Design

Welcome to the website portfolio. To explore each site in more detail, click the images displayed.


(1) Worry Free PC

Worry Free PC is a computer and device support company offering services in maintenance, repair, upgrading and many others. This was a great challenge for me because the website template was actually pre-designed and I was asked to personalise it for my client. This sounded like a pretty easy job, but it proved really challenging because I had to break down the forms of coding used by another individual with a very diferent coding style to mine. Although the general template was completed, I had to create elements that fit the existing design of the website. The homepage slideshow in the original template stopped working, so I had to use my skills to recreate it using Photoshop animation to create a gif.

(2) GHMPartnership

GHMPartnership is an architectural company based in Leeds and Harpenden. They approached me for a simple but stylistic website utilising minimal colouring.

(3) Precision Group Training

A Personal Fitness Trainer approached me to design a modern, sleek website to showcase his casestudies and advertise his fitness classes, private personal training sessions and group training fit clubs. He needed to share stories and images without overloading his audience. Using black with a vibrant green gave the website it's high quality, sleek finish.


(1) Ailurophile

This website was the first site we created. It consists of simple Photoshop Splashscreen designs and Dreamweaver hotspots for links to new pages. We had to create a three page site about ourselves. Don't forget to put your speakers on. :o) All illustrations, photographs and text were provided by myself. The music belongs to Linkin Park.

(2) Cottage Comforts

The second website we created consisted mainly of Flash elements. We had the choice to complete a Flash site entirely with Action Script 3.0 or as Flash elements within Dreamweaver. I chose to expand and experiment with Flash elements within Dreamweaver, developing div containers and learning how to secure the template to prevent it from misshaping. Cottage Comforts is a faux Afternoon Tea Company; all photographs, text and information provided on the website were created by myself. 

(3) Designpenguin.org

The third website concentrated on templates. We had to either use an existing Dreamweaver template or create one from scratch. I did the latter, utilising my knowledge of CSS and HTML. I chose to create a web portfolio for my work with Flash elements and illustration. All work presented on the website belongs to and was provided by myself. 

(5) Job Application

I created this Photoshop splashscreen for a job application to show my design skills.